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L's site

Reformation Info

I'm trying to reform my server, as well as Makermod as a whole to attract more visitors to the once great mod. I base my work from the great {LR}/Joe Makermod servers. As such, i'm offering admin to anyone experinced who wishes to help me do things like:

-Modding/Merging Maps
-Popularizing the Server
-Daily maintenance
-Map building
among others

I will offer the server to a clan if they desire so, my only wish is that high ranking members do the above in return for me hosting the server in the clans name. 

If you wish to apply, notify me (email me if needed) and register here on the server. You'll recieve basic admin rights in return for helping me with the above. Ingame players may help Remaping, map building, and popularizing the server. While offgame players may help Merging maps, going through regular maintenance, and scripting up things to help the server grow.

I will eventually, if all goes well and is successful, will pay for a pro Makermod server myself like Joe's did. I wish for the Makermod community to be revived, and i'm willing to step up my game to see it happen.

Thank you.