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A tale retold in the eyes of Kira. 
Note that as time fades away, so do memories. I shall list whatever I can.


Death Note: Origins 
Time stamp: September - December 2010

It all begins with (ironically), boredom. I remembered a conversation I had with a classmate a couple years back, something that mentioned Death Note. I was weirded out by the fact that sole series stood out from the rest of our conversation. Thus, me being me, I decided to check it out. As if by fate, I met argubly the best anime ever. I was enveloped in the series and COULD NOT stop watching it. At the time, I sought to make a Makermod server FOR MONTHS. Inspired by the Death Note theme, I decided to establish the server under the name Kira.

A Clan: Last Resort
Time stamp: 2011

I hope you understand, because at the time I looked up to Last Resort like a little kid does to his elder sibling. I dreamed of joining it. As if by fate, I crossed paths with Zeke, the one who inherts LR from Benji. We teamed up. A server for a position. I established myself as the LR Co-leader, and set out to raise it from its ashes. I went after the remaining CRB members, past LR members, and non-clanned people. The majority of the clan was composed of highly regarded people I shall remember for ages to come. It was a failure though. Zeke was never seen again, and I was faced as Leader of a dead clan. I was ridiculed, mostly. But I still thought it was the biggest honor. And I intend to repeat that.

An Unfortunate Event: The Fall of Kira
Time stamp: 2012-June 2013

It was a tragic loss, my JA CD. I lost it. And I spent the entire year without the game. I slowly slipped away from my passion. And regret the moments I lost. By the time I returned, it just wasn't the same.

Rebirth: The Return of Kira
Time stamp: June 2013-Present

We're back again
Let's make a toast, come raise your glasses high
To every one of you who doubted us.

We're back again
Let's make a toast, come raise your glasses high
To every one of us since "karma's a bitch right".