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Welcome to Kira's Makermod

Welcome To the offical website of Kira's Makermod.

Here, all information regarding the Server, and Makermod as a whole, shall be posted.

Please register and use the forums. 

Thank you.


Cody's Makermod Trailer

If you want to know what this is all about, where it all went down, here you go.


Makermod is DEAD.

And by dead, I am it is gone. Completely. 

If you happen to have lived under a rock for the past 3 or years, then it may shock you to find out that Makermod, no, not just Makermod, but ALL of JK3 is dead. Gone. Whipped from the face of the earth. Gamerspy shut down their servers, and with it, the ability to host multiplayer servers online. You can probably still find a copy of Makermod floating around the web, but you'll never be able to play online ever again. Local is the best you can do.

And with these stark and shocking truths, I must admit to my grief. This website is still unfinished. I've procrastinated for 6 years now. Did a real crappy job as a clan leader, and as a friend. I probably don't expect anyone to be reading this, except for me; but if you happen to have stumbled upon this website, be it to go down a nostalgia trip, or you have no idea what the hell Makermod is or why i'm so sad, know this: It was an amazing experience. I'll miss it. A lot.

And with that, comes the closure of this website. I won't modify it too much; rather, i'll keep it in a frozen state. I'll still drop by from time to time to just stare at my screen and feel sad. But that won't bring it back. It won't bring back the memories, or the friends i've lost, or the game that I help so dear to me. I just have to move on from here.

For anyone who is still reading, thank you. Feel free to drop down a message on the ChatMix, or make a forum post. I'll gladly reply. If you want to find me, Zeke, or some others, we managed to re-unite in the comment section of Cody's Makermod trailer.  I'll be glad to add on the Wii U (NNID: L-Sora), or the PS4 (PSN: Soaring__Sky). Until then. (Posted 2/23/16)


The KirRestoration Project

Hello everyone. I know Makermod and JK3 are dying, so I thought I would do my best to restore its former glory. As such, I'm asking for help from people willing to help me turn my server around, and especially make it as good as Joe's. Anyone willing to sign up for the Kira Restoration Project shall receive admin,  
Effective as of 9/9/12 

Edit: Probably not going to happen (12/4/15)

Welcome To The Home Of Kira




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