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How To Script

Scripting is easy, having ideas is the problem D:

This here is a muiltifunction script; More than 1 option 

Here are the common buttons people use to bind the use of their scripts. Feel free to change it

Bind END  "vstr Exec"
Bind PGUP  "vstr Next"
Bind PGDN  "vstr Prev"
Bind HOME  "vstr Echomessage"
Bind DEL  "vstr Off"

So in this case, END would mean execute, which means use the current selected option. PGUP and PGDN move up and down to select the 

Set Exec  "Echo ^3Choose 61A ^7Effect
Set Next  "vstr sand1"
Set Prev   "vstr trap1"

set Off   "say ^3Script Off"

Set sand1  "set Exec vstr test;set Next vstr tele1;set Prev vstr trap1;echo 1.^3Change Name
Set tele1  "set Exec vstr test2;set Next vstr blast3;set Prev vstr sand1;echo 2.^3Change Name
Set blast3         "set Exec vstr test3;set Next vstr blast11 ;set Prev vstr tele1;echo 3.^3Change Name
Set blast11         "set Exec vstr test4;set Next vstr gas1;set Prev vstr blast3;echo 4.^3Change Name    
Set gas1         "set Exec vstr test5;set Next vstr tele22;set Prev vstr blast11;echo 5.^3Change Name
Set tele22          "set Exec vstr test6;set Next vstr Lightness;set Prev vstr gas1;echo 6.^3Change Name
Set Lightness          "set Exec vstr test7;set Next vstr Darkness;set Prev vstr tele22;echo 7.^3Change Name
Set Darkness          "set Exec vstr test8;set Next vstr water1;set Prev vstr Lightness;echo 8.^3Change Name
Set water1          "set Exec vstr test9;set Next vstr storm1;set Prev vstr Darkness;Echo 9.^3Change Name
Set storm1          "set exec vstr test10;set Next vstr power1;set Prev vstr water1;Echo 10.^3Change Name
Set power1          "set exec vstr test11;set Next vstr vanish1;set Prev vstr storm1;Echo 11.^3Change Name
Set vanish1          "set exec vstr test12;Set Next vstr shield1;set Prev vstr power1;Echo 12.^3Change Name
Set shield1          "set exec vstr test13;set Next vstr trap1;set Prev vstr vanish1;Echo 13.^3Change Name
Set trap1          "set exec vstr test14;set Next vstr sand1;set Prev vstr shield1;Echo 14.^3Change Name


set test ""
set test2 ""
set test3 ""
Set test4 ""
Set test5 ""
Set test6 ""
Set test7 ""
Set test8 ""
Set test9 ""
Set test10 ""
Set test11 ""
Set test12 ""
Set test13 ""
Set test14 ""

You see those ""?

enter stuff you want beteween each "

example: "say ^4fireball!; wait 40; mmarkfoot; mgrabing; mplacefx env/small_fire_blue 0; mpain 200 0; marm 10; wait 10; marm 20; wait 10; marm 30; wait 10; marm 40; wait 10; marm 50; wait 10; marm 60; wait 10; marm 70; wait 10; marm 80; wait 10; marm 90; wait 10; marm 100; marm 110; marm 120; marm 130; etc, etc....

A script is about placing fx/obs and are ment to kill/build

Say commands and kill/power scripts are usually looked down apon in most servers

Scripts are used by opening up the console (SHIFT and ~) and doing /exec (script name) like: /exec script

To see a list of obs and fxs, enter a makermod server and start testing out what you want your script to do

some famous fxs are env/fire or env/small_fire_(blue, green, red, lod[orange])

some commenly used obs are: factory/catw2_b or imperial/wall_pipes

To place fxs do mplacefx while obs are simply mplace

It can takes weeks, months, even YEARS to master script making!

Enjoy, train, and make some awesome scripts :D